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Rollei 40mm f2.3 XF 35 lens, custom mounted for Leica

December 21, 2011 17 comments

I was in a  small used camera shop in Shinjuku a few weeks ago week when I noticed an odd looking little lens for sale.  It was a 40mm f2.3 lens from a Rollei 35XF that had been modified for use on a Leica l39 screw mount camera.  The modification was done by MS OPtical, the same maker of the famous Perar Super Triplet 35mm f3.5. Having the necessary adapter ring with me that would allow me to mount it to my Leica M9 I decided to spring for it and pay the 50,000 Yen to see what kind of images it would produce.

Here are some images both of the lens, as wella s taken with it on an M9:

From what I can see, this lens is a rather decent performer.  Compact, very well made, and since it is so rare, pretty fun to shoot with.  The 40mm focal length means that accurate framing will take some practice since I don’t have a 40mm viewfinder, but I can live with that.  Quite worth the price of entry. 🙂

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