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Hackers SUCK

October 22, 2008 1 comment

I’m sick and tired of getting hacked.  The past hack jobs were not too bad, and I was able to recover from them.  But the most recent instance pretty much destroyed everything.  So in an attempt prevent this from happeneing again I have decided to migrate Sushicam to a account.  

I’ll soon be mapping the “” url to this new “” account so in the not too distant future if you type in you will be redirected to this site.

Hackers SUCK.  I honestly don’t see how someone could take enjoyment out of destroying somebody elses work like that.  It must be hard to have to go through life filled with so much contempt and hatred for others.

I would say I pity them, but in truth I hate them.    Every hacker on the planet deserves to get cancer and rot.  (And this is not somethig I say lightly, having recently watched a dear friend pass from cancer)

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P1mp my blog

January 21, 2006 9 comments

Todays Photos

Sometimes life is just too funny.

We’ve all had “one of those days” when nothing goes your way. When it would have been much more productive to just stay in bed with a 14 pound bag of Oreo’s, a haunch of beef jerky, and a couple of quarts of eggnog and spend the day increasing your body fat index while watching back to back re-runs of “Threes Company”.

Luckily these types of days, when the entire deck seems to be stacked against us, do not happen to often. But the next time it does I want you to think about the next few examples of irony, and maybe it will help you get through your rough time.

-A Japanese fire department recently held its annual fire prevention awareness barbeque and ended up burning down their own fire station in the process.(Those poor guys are NEVER going to live that one down)

-This years Akita Snow Festival has been cancelled, …. because of too much snow. The city has had to dump all the extra snow in the area where the festival is normally held, thus are now unable to have a festival on what has turned into a man-made glacier.

-A few years ago the government of Japan established a new agency charged with finding new ways for Japanese workers to enjoy more free time and stop putting in such long hours at work. The project was quickly cancelled when it was discovered that the workers in this new agency were putting in 15 hour days in an effort to come up with solutions to the overtime epidemic.

The irony is blinding.

The standup of Sushicam Version 1.2 is taking a little bit longer than I initially thought it would.

It seems there is no “out of the box” solution to the blogging model here at Sushicam. Most photo blogging software packages only allow you to post one image per day, (like the pixel post application I am using for the Photo of the Day section) which does me absolutely no good since i like to post at least 10 new photos with each update. They are also kind of lacking in the text/plugin support area.

Likewise, most regular blogging applications are great for posting text, but they fall apart when you try to incorporate the posting of multiple photos in an update. A lot of them have the capability to post photos, but I really don’t like the way they work. Thumbnails don’t have any captions, and they don’t open thumbnails into easily browsable galleries.

If at all possible I’d much rather keep the same image navigation flow that I already have here at Sushicam. It’s just turning out to be quite a project to make it happen within a Content Management System.

If you are interested you can take a peek at theWordPress 2.0 version of Sushicam I have been working on.

It still needs a lot of work, (formatting, and link/menu development) but it should give you an idea of where things are headed.

Seth has been providing a lot of help in getting the kinks worked out, and we all owe him a big “Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu” for his continue behind the scenes suport here at Sushicam.

So if anyone out there has any ideas for how I can more easily get WordPress 2.0 to look and operate more like the traditional Sushicam, please, feel free to drop me a line.

Go ahead…. Pimp my blog.

In the meantime I’ll keep working on it, and as soon as the image management issue is worked out the new site will be up and running. Then we can get the Sushicam Contributors material flowing for all of us to enjoy.

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